Thank you! 

This year we had to do things a bit differently. We had to cancel the speed meeting event and the Grand Finale. But we did not cancel the competition.  

Where there's a will, there's a way.

So this year the finalist did their presentations for the jury via digital meetings.  

We thank all start-ups that participated in this year edition of Wistrand Startup Star!

Oterlu AI 

is the winner of Wistrand Startup Star 2020

"With social interactions continuing to move towards digital platforms, this year’s winner is ready to make an impact in a growing market. With a sound business plan, experienced team and an advanced solution, it is the jury’s belief that Oterlu has all the qualities necessary to succeed in its mission to make all online communities healthy and thriving, as well as building a thriving business in the process."

About the competition 

Wistrand Startupstar is open for all entries - irrespective of industry - that define themselves as startups. We define it as newly-started companies with growth potential. 

This year, Wistrand and SEB partnered up with Connect SwedenThe ParkTransfer Studio and Silicon Vikings to help launch the next Star on the Swedish Startup Scene.

The Winner, a Runner-up and a Second Runner-up will receive amazing prizes designed to help boost their journey to Startup Stardom! 

- a gigantic SEK 50,000 prize check and access to a personal banker with SEB,

- legal support from Wistrand worth SEK 60,000,

- a membership at The Park's co-working space in Södermalm,

- a tailored program with Connectto get the startup investment-ready, and

- communication design support from Transfer Studio to help shape creative outcomes for the startup.

The Runner-Up and the Second Runner-Up will receive legal support at an estimated worth of SEK 30,000 and SEK 15,000 respectively.

Our Jury 2020

Anna Fandén
Corporate manager

Anna is a manager for a team of corporate advisers on SEB Norrmalm, which has the bank's largest corporate team in Sweden. Anna has 20 years of banking experience from several different advisory and managerial positions within SEB and is devoted to work with the corporate retail segment.

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Jenny Lindblad
CEO & Founder

Jenny Lindblad - Pitch coach, Business Advisor and Start-up Mentor. She has coached more than 250 start-ups from all around the world on how to sharpen their pitch. She is the founder of ELIZA Communication, a specialist agency that focuses on creating powerful communication techniques for high-performance individuals, which will bring them success in game-changing situations. Jenny is also Business coach at Connect, Partner at the Keiretsu Forum Nordics and speaking coach for TEDx.

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Johan Siwers
General Partner and Investment Manager

Johan is a seasoned digital executive with a passion for entrepreneurial game changing technologies, practices and companies. Over the past 20 years+, he has been involved in breaking ground for a wide range of digital ventures within companies like Axel Johnson, Kinnevik, Spray, Schibsted and InterActive Corp (IAC).

From his position as General Partner with RECAPEX, Johan has been investing both time and money behind a wide range of initiatives, with a common thread being digital technologies transforming behavior and industries. Johan has been designated as one of Sweden's top tech investors by DI Digital.

Johan also is board member of Silicon Vikings Stockholm.

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Jonas Hombert
CEO & Founder

Jonas is a product expert and entrepreneur at heart, having fathered two products surpassing a million users. Currently he’s working on the third as founder & CEO of Opti, a financial technology company that provides semi-automated advice through a mobile application. Being fully independent from the banks, the aim is simple; build the first financial advisor that has no other agenda than the customers. Previously Jonas was co-founder & CEO of JayCut, a web based video editor that was acquired by Blackberry in 2011.   

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Ólafur Steindórsson

Ólafur Steindórsson specializes in M&A, IT & telecoms as well as general commercial contracts and corporate law matters, with particular focus on acquisitions, investments and start-up financing as well as IT outsourcing. Ólafur also has experience in providing day-today advice for start-up companies.

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Therése Folkesson
Head of growth capital

Therése is in charge of recruiting new Investors and developing Connect's Investor network. She is also involved in the work of NordicBAN, where Connect is a founding partner together with other Nordic Investor Networks.

As a core member of the Connect team in Stockholm, Therése participates in screening and evaluating 100+ startups yearly applying to the Springboard Investment Readiness program and supports them throughout their work with Connect. She is looking for start-ups that have solid business cases and great potential for secondary business opportunities.

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Valeria Hedman
Creative Director

Valeria Hedman is an award-winning designer known for producing strong and unique design with a specific focus on user engagement. Valeria’s work often leads a reflective dialogue from new perspectives and knowledge of diversity, equality, innovation and sustainability and she is constantly striving to develop processes and methods for how these can be transferred to the practice of visual communication and design.

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